Amanda A

I interviewed nine attorneys before finding Rikeman Law.  Not only did she come highly recommended but she spent a lot of time with me at our consult and all along the way!  I really felt like I was included in understanding the laws that affected our family’s case and she was always more than thorough in making sure I understood them and my options!


I know divorces are rough on people but I can honestly say, I stopped losing sleep over ours just a few days after hiring Stephanie to handle mine!  It was obvious very early on, that she had a ready understanding and quick recall of the facts in our case, was crazy organized and not much got past her! I felt safe with her on my team and certainly wouldn’t want to be on the other side of the courtroom!


Having seen what’s out there Stephanie is a truly rare entity in Attorney Land! I would recommend Rikeman Law to anyone!

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