You’ve finally completed your divorce or custody or child support action and now the other party isn’t doing what he or she was supposed to. Contempt actions and enforcement actions are available to get help from the court in making sure the other party is fulfilling his or her obligations. Rikeman Law can help you file the appropriate motions to get court intervention to secure the rights you just fought so hard to obtain.

Rikeman Law can also help defend you if you are facing a contempt action from your opposing party. Contempt actions come in two different varieties—punitive and remedial. Remedial contempt is designed to fix whatever the alleged violation and the situation is. Punitive contempt is a request for punishment from the court for the alleged violation. Each type comes with different rights and standards for the court to review because there are very different potential outcomes from each.

It is important to have an attorney advise you through the contempt process so you do not inadvertently give up your rights. Rikeman Law is dedicated to providing effective and zealous advocacy to parties facing or filing contempt actions. Contact Rikeman Law to schedule a free hour long consultation to discuss your rights.