Child Support


child supportChild support is determined on a complex calculation which takes into account the relative income of the parents, their contributions to insurance for the children, child care expenses, and the number of overnights each parent has with the children. When the non-majority time parent has 93 overnights or more with the children over a calendar year, child support obligations alter. Therefore the time each parent spends with the children impacts support obligations.

In Colorado, we do not determine child support month to month (unlike some states) but rather do an average across the year. When parents have varied incomes, it is entirely possible that the majority time parent may end up with a child support obligation and that parents equally splitting overnights on a 50/50 plan may also have support obligations. This can be difficult for a parent that has the children most of the time to accept but the courts rarely deviate from the child support calculator when entering child support orders as child support is for the benefit of the children.

It is also important to note which state should be handling child support in the event you have parents residing in two different states. Jurisdictional questions can be some of the most tricky and legally complex areas to deal with in family law. Contact Rikeman Law to schedule a free hour long consultation to discuss your rights.

Rikeman Law requests that you do not bring the children that are the subject of a case to any consultations as this can be viewed negatively by the Court in future proceedings.