annulmentIn Colorado, annulment is called a declaration of invalidity. Declarations of invalidity have to meet very specific criteria. Lacking capacity to consent to the marriage at the time of the marriage because of mental incapacity or intoxication, a party being underage without parental consent, entering into a marriage under duress, or a marriage prohibited by law (for example bigamy or incest) are some of the bases for requesting a declaration of invalidity. Lack of physical capacity to consummate the marriage is still a basis for a request for declaration of invalidity as well. For most of the bases to request a declaration of invalidity, there are specific deadlines to raise the issue with the Court.

Seeking Annulment of Marriage

If you believe you have a basis to request an annulment, contact an attorney before you lose your rights. Contact Rikeman Law to schedule a free hour long consultation to discuss your rights if you believe you have a basis to seek an annulment of your marriage.